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Bev & Andy in Ephesus
Our journeys are as close as we can come to a good old fashioned no rushing, relaxed time with good companions. This is our 32nd year of doing it this way. Hope you can join us. Andy & Bev
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Hot air balloons over the fairy chimneys
An update on our Turkey at Thanksgiving tour.

When we told you last week that our hotels were all four star – we made an error. The Charisma on the Aegean, is a five star. However, that's an error that shouldn’t upset anyone too much.

We’re building in an option on our Turkey Trot. A Hot Air Balloon Ride over Cappadocia, Turkey's very own fairytale kingdom. Shaped by volcanic eruptions and erosion, locals and early Christian refugees worked the breathtaking topography into an impressive network of underground chambers, tunnels, and cities thousands of years ago.

This World Heritage Site is magnificent and haunting to see while soaring silently above the fairy chimneys, river valleys and villages carved from cliffs.

We’re making it optional, something not normal for us, because there are those who do not like this type of air travel despite safety records and any type of reassurance. However, more about this as we go along.

Some fun reading?...

If you’re interested in a bit of enjoyable reading, you might want to try Nobel Prize Winner Orhan Pamuk’s ‘Istanbul, Memories of a City’. This is a delightful read of this Nobel prize winning authors growing up years. It was a surprise for us to realize how his teenage years with his ‘56 Chevy, and all the traumas that go with that time of life, sounded so familiar to our own similar age period in North America. Some of his fictional novels includes My Name is Red, for which he was awarded the Nobel, Snow, and Memories of Innocence.

Jason Goodwin has a number of histories of Turkey as well as some fun mystery novels about Yashim, an Ottoman detective who also happens to be a eunoch. Among the titles: The Janissary Tree, The Snake Stone and The Bellini Card. Barbara Nadel is a British mystery writers whose series on Cetin Ikman, a contemporary Istanbul detective have been best sellers. Titles include Belshazzar’s Daughter, Dead of Night and Arabesk.

Other Matters…

We must mention that Turkey requires all visitors to have a Visa (easily obtained on line – more about that as we go along). The State also insists that all visitors have Travel Insurance, which most of us have as a matter of course and which we can help you with if you wish.

And, regrettably looming over everything at the moment is the Coronavirus. Threat. We believe, and fervently hope, it will be gone well before our early October tour. Over the next weeks we will be constantly monitoring it.

A reminder that you don’t have to book just yet - but if you do your $500 deposit per person is fully refundable until August 8. If you just want to leave your name let us know at

As usual we’re working with  Debora Green, Manager of Maritime Travel in Abbotsford who is handling all our bookings. Debora can assist you with flights, insurance and any other needs and can be reached at 1-877-313-7344 or by email at